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I’m Melissa, i'm 21 years old and i’m italian. I love ALL animation! I study animation on Nemo academy in Florence. one my dream is to job in this city in a italian animation studios, and why not?  Create one from scratch with my colleagues. ;D
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Current mood: Jon Snow in a blizzard. 

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Has 3 process videos up on Vimeo! This one is to the Headless Horseman here’s the rest!

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Final  Fantasy  XV  ~  the  boy  band  crew

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BIG HERO 6 CLIPS - MEET THE TEAM with Tadashi, Hiro, Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred

Not following already? Just imagine what you’ve been missing!

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Le Iene - Let's give a name to Claudia's disease (English Sub) | Facebook →


Claudia is an italian girl with a disease that doctors don’t know.
Spread this video, maybe someone will understand what is the name of Claudia’s disease and help her to heal!

Share it please, we help her in somehow.

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A fanart of Gogo Tomago !!
I can’t wait to see her in action ^^


A fanart of Gogo Tomago !!

I can’t wait to see her in action ^^

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